How To Interlink Your Blog Posts in WordPress + Best Plugins

It seems everyone is always are looking for new ways to get backlinks to their website but sometime they forget about interlinking posts in their own blog, In WordPress, there are several ways on how you can interlink blog posts and great wordpress interlinking plugin to help you do that

Why Interlink Your Blog Posts in WordPress?

Before we proceed to the interlinking solutions in WordPress, let us first know the direct benefits of interlinking blog posts. There are various reasons why you should do interlinking of posts. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • On-page SEO benefit

Interlinking blog posts is a big help to on-page SEO. Interlinking your old and new blog posts increase the authority of your internal pages. It also helps you to build relevancy for your pages through the keywords that you are linking your articles to. Whenever you have the chance to interlink old articles, you should interlink them.

  • Increase page views

Every blogger must aim for more views on their sites. One of the best ways to do this is doing strong interlinking. Through interlinking, readers will think such links as references and check these links as well. If a visitor reads a popular article on your site, there is a higher chance that he/she will also check other article links on your site too.

  • Decrease bounce rate

Advertisers usually ask about the status of your Google Analytics. They look at traffic, bounce rate, and source of traffic. The lower the bounce rate, the better is your blog. If your website has lower than 60% bounce rate, they consider it as a good website. By interlinking your blog posts, you give readers more reasons to check other posts and decrease bounce rate.

  • Crawling and Deep Indexing

When you interlink blog posts, it helps search engines bots to index and crawls your blog posts effectively.

  • Passes Link Juice

Interlinking passes link juice from a particular page to another page. This is why it is highly recommended for you to interlink your old blog posts to your new ones.

Now that you already know the benefits of interlinking blog posts in your WordPress site. There is no reason for you not to try doing it today. If you are a frequent blogger and want to increase your views, you should definitely interlink your old blog posts to your new content. Just ensure that your posts are relevant and worth reading.

What are THE BEST WordPress Interlinking Plugin?

WordPress has a lot of excellent plugins that you can use to interlink easier. Here are some of the best plugins for interlinking blog posts in WordPress:

  • SEO Smart Link Plugin

SEO Smart Link Plugin is one of the best WordPress interlinking plugin  that many people are using to interlink their blog posts in WordPress. This plugin automatically links Categories and Tags. You can also describe your own set of rules to interlink automatically.

wordpress interlinking plugin

For example, you could set keywords such as “WordPress tutorials” that link to a particular blog post and then it will be interlinked to your old and new blog posts automatically as long as they have the “WordPress tutorials” keywords that you have set.


  • Mentionable

Mentionable is also considered one of the best and widely used interlinking plugin in WordPress. It works similarly as how Facebook works. When you start typing keywords, it will start showing you more suggestions of posts that are available. It also has the like style of Facebook. To link any key phrases, start by typing them after the @ sign. Then, Mentionable will suggest available links and keywords on your blog posts.


  • WordPress Insights Plugin

WordPress Insights Plugin is a traditional WordPress plugin that can help you interlink your blog posts. This is also one of the easiest interlinking plugins that you can use. It has no issues and is very much compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.


  • WordPress Default Search and Interlink

if you don’t want to use wordpress interlinking plugin then WordPress is also offering its default feature wherein you are allowed to easily interlink your posts and content. Whenever you choose a text and click on the Hyperlink to add a link, you can already search for any of your published posts and then link it directly with the anchor text. This default feature from WordPress is also very useful.

Based from the above-mentioned reasons why you should interlink your blog posts in WordPress, you can simply choose from this list of WordPress interlinking plugins to get started. If you are a blogger, a business owner, or a writer, if you have not been familiar of interlinking, you should definitely try it today to gain more presence online and make your blog even more successful.

How To Interlink Your Blog Posts in WordPress + Best Plugins

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